Compare broadband plans

Compare broadband plans

Switch to First Utility broadband and get a plan to suit your internet needs.
From the our great value First broadband to UltraFirst fibre, we'll keep you connected.

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First Utility Broadband
First Utility Broadband

The benefits of switching to First Utility

Unlimited DownloadsTotally unlimited broadband with no usage caps, even at peak times
No upfront chargesNo upfront charges, free connection and router delivery saving up to £59.99
No nasty surprises at the end of your contractUnlike other providers, at the end of you contract we’ll not increase your monthly charge
Line rental includedLine rental included, and if you make a lot of calls we have a range of call packages

*Broadband speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps) and show how quickly you can transfer data to and from the internet

The maximum download speeds that can be attained are: First Broadband 17Mbps, SuperFirst Broadband 38Mbps and UltraFirst 76Mbps. The maximum upload speeds that can be attained are: First Broadband 1Mbps, SuperFirst Broadband 9.5Mbps and UltraFirst Broadband 19Mbps

The average download speeds that can be attained are First Broadband 11Mbps, SuperFirst Broadband 35Mbps and UltraFirst 63Mbps. The average upload speeds that can be attained are: First Broadband 1Mbps, SuperFirst Broadband 9Mbps and UltraFirst Broadband 17Mbps. Average speeds are based on the download or upload speeds of at least 50% of our customer base at peak time (8pm - 10pm)

Broadband speed can be affected by the quality of your phone line, how far your home is from the telephone exchange or cabinet, the wiring in your home, electrical interference and how many people are using the sites you're visiting. We'll use your postcode and phone number (if you provide it) to give you a personalised estimate of the speeds you can expect to receive

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